Radius T Surgical System

The Radius Surgical System is a natural extension of the hand that emulates the instinctive movement of the hand in endoscopic surgery.

Radius consists of two hand-guided surgical manipulators for laparoscopic or thoracoscopic interventions.

Freedom to operate

Radius has a deflectable and rotatable tip that provides all degrees of handling freedom. The dexterity provided by Radius makes all kinds of surgical manipulations safe and easy. Radius T provides even more degrees of freedom by allowing the shaft to rotate around its own axis.


The revolutionary handle makes the control of Radius entirely ergonomic. While using Radius the hands and arms of the surgeon are relaxed, avoiding discomfort and fatigue.


Radius has interchangeable surgical endo effectors. Depending on the surgical task graspers, scissors, needle holders and other devices can be connected to the tip. The intraoperative change of effectors only takes a few seconds.

Colour coding

When designing Radius T, our goal was to make it easy to assemble the instruments and to readily assign them to the right ort he left hand. For this reason we equipped Radius T with color-coding: Green marks on the right handle and shaft and blue marks on the left handle and shaft allow for instant right-left recognition.

Cost effectiveness

Although Radius provides the dexterity and ergonomics of a surgical manipulator system it is reasonably priced as a hand-guided instrument system.


The Radius Surgical System was the first system with extended degrees of freedom on the market worldwide. In the meantime it is no longer available and has been replaced through the r2 SERIES.